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"Jump-PARACHUTE" is a registered trademark of the company 321chutelibre of French law, with capital of € 7 500 whose headquarters is located 26 rue des Rigoles, 75020 Paris
The 321chutelibre company insurance to meeting air under the conditions defined in article 16 of the present General Conditions of sale.

1. Definitions
The following defined terms will be in the present General Conditions of sale the following meanings:
PARACHUTE jumping: refers to the concept of ticket gift referred to, developed and operated by the 321chutelibre company.
PARACHUTE jump is composed of the following elements:
• Offer guide describing all the benefits of partners selected by PARACHUTE jumping and wishing to offer their services to persons in receipt of a cheque "jump-PARACHUTE.
• A gift without denomination, that allows to adjust the set price of a benefit to select from the various options contained in the the explanatory.
PARACHUTE jump reserves the right to complete the list of providers or to cease their dissemination at its sole discretion and at any time.

1.1 Partner
Partner means the provider selected by PARACHUTE jump which provides the service to the recipient.

1.2 Beneficiary
Beneficiary means the individual user of the numbered cheque "jump-PARACHUTE.

1.3 Delivery
Delivery refers to the service provided by the partner to the beneficiary from the selection of offerings contained in the explanatory of the offer, subject to the availability of the partner on the dates chosen by the recipient.

1.4 Customer
Customer means the person who purchases a gift certificate "Jump-PARACHUTE", on the understanding that the Client may or may not be the beneficiary of the provision as it will make personal use of the cheque "Jump-PARACHUTE" or that offer him.

1.5 Part (s)
Part (s): means the customer or PARACHUTE jump

1.6. The cheque "jump-PARACHUTE.
Check 'Jump-PARACHUTE': means the gift that the customer will receive by mail with its sticker of authentication (hologram) (4.2). This cheque is only valid that can be presented to the claimant to adjust delivery. No copy in any form whatsoever will be accepted against part of the PARACHUTE jump check.
In the event that a package would include an anomaly (missing element), you must then make a claim within 48 hours by registered letter. In accordance with these instructions, you will be protected from any problem.
To least concern, do not hesitate to call our customer service phone 0666418810
As at the time of the sale, the nature of the benefits that the recipient of the gift voucher will later choose as well as the date and the identity of the claimant to prepare these benefits shall not be determined accurately, the sums paid by the buyers of the gift voucher are therefore outside the scope of VAT.
The documents that would be eventually issued on the occasion of the issuance of the vouchers will contain no invoiced value added tax. Automatic registration systems are considered as proof, nature, the content and the date of the order.

1.7 Site
Site: means the http://www.SAUT-EN-PARACHUTE.COM Site
It is offered online gift jump-PARACHUTE developed by the company 321chutelibre under the URL: http://www.SAUT-EN-PARACHUTE.COM
We invite you to read the entirety of the present General Conditions of sale which define the terms and the conditions in which PARACHUTE jump sells the 'Jump-PARACHUTE' gift, as a business provider, as well as the Condition of use of the Site.
The purchase of vouchers "Jump-PARACHUTE" is reserved for users having previously taken knowledge of the terms and Conditions in their entirety by clicking on the link provided for this purpose and having accepted by ticking the box. Without this acceptance, the continuation of the ordering process is technically impossible
As a result, the completion of the order process on the Site worth express acceptance by the user of these General Conditions of sale
These General Conditions of sale apply only for the PARACHUTE jump orders placed on the site or by phone or mail.
These conditions apply other than all other conditions.
These General Conditions of sale are valid from January 1, 2011. They cancel and replace all previous versions of these terms and Conditions.
PARACHUTE jump reserves the right of