Our skydive offer

Skydiving France made easy

The tandem skydiving you will discover the unforgettable pleasure of skydiving with confidence firmly attached to a monitor. 100% extreme.

The training parachute AFF PAC

The training parachute freefall AFF 6 jumps accompanied by a specialized instructor. This is ideal to become autonomous in free fall and quickly skydive out on on your own.

The first skydive of the AFF course

Your first jump of the course with AFF is proposed here accompanied by a specialized instructor.


Our drop zones for skydiving around France

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We specialize in skydiving, thats it!

Our experience over 20 years in skydiving allows us to be the specialist of skydiving in France.

Quality professionals: from our team you will find champions of France, world champions!

Strict selection criteria based on our knowledge of the skydiving in France

Maximum availability

Many professional skydiving quality throughout France.

A limited number of vouchers issued to reflect the capacity of the centers of jumps.

Skydive reservation made easier!

Reservations are made directly with the phone number provided to you directly with your gift.

Your ticket skydive ticket "used or refunded"

If the recipient of the gift certificate has not been able to make the jump before the end of its validity you can ask for a refund deducted management fees *.


Contact us for you skydive Paris  saut-en-parachute.com au 06-66-41-88-10

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