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Billet cadeau parachute: PASS-LIBERTY NORD

Skydiving Gift ticket northern France with 11 skydiving centers to choose from

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316,00 €

Skydive Gift Northern France

The unforgettable gift. The dream of Icarus is great as a gift origninale. Do not hesitate, the extreme as a gift with PASS NORTH LIBERTY-

Give a skydive as a gift and skydiving requires almost no effort. The only thing that will be required to make the most because out of it, it passes very quickly, like everything that pleases! Taste of skydiving without the stress of a long training and education, the tandem skydiving is probably the easiest way.

Drop zones that you can choose from for the skydive gift

  • Southern Paris, Montargis (near Orlleans)
  • Paris Nord: Peronne (near Amiens and St. Quentin)
  • Paris east: Auxerre
  • West close to the Cliffs of Etretat
  • West: Rouen
  • Britain: Valves
  • Brittany La Baule
  • Britain: redundant
  • Brittany: Quiberon
  • east: Colmar
  • east: Nancy
  • Picardy: Monchy lagache

Security and technology: your instructor possesses the qualifications and néccesaire skydiving training so come and embark on our magical and amazing!

A parachute jump: this is the unforgettable gift idea for Fathers day, Christmas gift, Mother's Day, birthdays.