Rhone-Alpes : skydive Bourg en Bresse (Dep 71/69/01) Maximize

Rhone-Alpes : skydive Bourg en Bresse (Dep 71/69/01)

Located in Bourg-en-Bresse / Rhone-Alpes / Ain Skydive in the department 01es your tandem skydive near Lyon at Bourg en Bresse (near Dijon, Chalons sur Saone 71)

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295,00 €

Skydiving Lyon / Bourg-en-Bresse

Experience the unique feeling of a tandem skydive near Lyon.

After the briefing on the skydive and an airplane ride about 12 minutes, your instructor will accompany you to the door of the plane and you are off for your skydive.

You are going to fall at over 180 km/h for about 40 seconds and you will love the fun of skydiving.

Your skydiver will open the parachute at 1500 meters.

Your instructor will then explain how to maneuver the sail and you will be in charge for last minute descent.

The sensations are not yet finished with 3-7 minute stroll under the canopy.

You go ask you in all serenity at the end of the jump.

Your skydive near Lyon is waiting for you?

Skydive: Department 01 (Dept close: 01/42/38/69)

The tandem skydive in Bourg-en-Bresse / Burgundy / Ain near the following cities

Lyon (45min)
Mason (5min)
Geneva (1:39)
Chalons sur Saone (30min)
Dijon (1:20)

Distances are given for information

Skydiving with trust

With over 20 years in the skydiving community we aquis connsance one of the best professionals.

ALL our tandem pilots are state certified.
Security systems servicing all parachutes.
Equipment are reviewed and controlled jumps

The ticket for the skydive near Lyon, how to get it?

Step 1: Your skydive through the purchase of gift for jumping directly to our website.
Step 2: After processing your order you will be able to download your personalized gift containing the information needed to make the jump.
Step 3: You will receive in 48 hours by certified mail, personalized gift.
Step 4: The beneficiary with a ticket you make an appointment with us.
Step 5: the date of appointment the beneficiary is his parachute.
Step 6: one wish is to start.

Practice: The day of the jump, return the gift you received by mail.

Advantages: The jump is fully settled by the presentation of the gift

Skydive near Lyon  au 06-66-41-88-10

  • Parents authorisation: Yes: mandatory if uner 18
  • Maximum weight: 90kgs maximum
  • Medical needed: No - unless you have known medical problems