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Marseille: tandem skydive

Tandem skydiving near Marseille.

Location: Gap / Rhone-Alpes / Hautes Alpes-05 exp (04, 38, 13, 69) about 1h20 from  Marseille

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Skydive Marseille - Gap

Near to Marseille you can experience something extreme by making a tandem skydive. The skydives are done with expert parachutists.

You are not alone and only after a full briefing you will depart for a leisurely twenty-minute flight. The monitor will be present in the aircraft and the aircraft door for your skydive. After 10 seconds of fall you are more than 200 km / h. You will experience magical moments and pleasures of intense freefall. At 1507m, your monitor will trip and open the veil of the tandem parachute and the beautiful scenery near Marseille in the alps is offered to you.

About 2-3 to 5-7 min walk with the veil of the tandem parachute and only after this time will be asked of.

Skydiving Marseille - Gap

Location of the center jump in the Department 05 (Dept 04,13,38)

Skydiving near Marseille is close to the following cities =

Marseille (1:10)

Distances are given just for information

A tandem skydive near Marseille!

Skydiving Gap, Marseille